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Wedding invitations are one of the first priorities for every wedding. It is used to announce the wedding and spread the joy and happiness of a couple's union. However, a wedding invitation should contain a sense of personal meaning and originality, otherwise there sill not be any difference between a wedding invitation and a store-bought invitation. It is also very important to choose wedding invitations that convey to your guests that your wedding will be a formal affair.  So it is important for you to make sure your invitations are done properly.

This is the first thing your guests will see in relation to your big day. Remember, presentation is everything,! Below are some of the top names in Wedding Stationary whom I highly recommend.

 Making Memories   www. 

 Love by Phoebe

 Uniquity Invitations

Sunlit Letter Press

I Said Yes Wedding Stationary

Yeates Creative

Stationary Bike Designs