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Chicken Soup for the New Bride <3

I love what I do!!

It’s not a “job” to me, and I prefer to say it’s what I “do” because if you love what you do then it’s not work, therefore, not a job. I love weddings! I love everything about weddings. From being a guest, to being part of the bridal party, and of course, decorating and planning weddings. Weddings are such a poignant moment in a couple’s lives, and being able to be part of that, regardless whether you are the bride, groom, bridal party member, relative, guest, wedding vendor or planner, is always a great feeling.

Everybody has their own vision of their “dream wedding”. Some prefer big, elaborate events. Others prefer a smaller, intimate gathering. Whatever your dream wedding may be, it’s always important - to me anyway - not how your wedding turns out, but rather what your wedding prepares you for.

From the moment you meet your significant other, you will both be undoubtedly faced with all sorts of emotions; happiness, joy, sorrow, anger and forgiveness… being able to survive the trials of “dating” is an accomplishment all in itself.  A marriage is no different. The day you exchange vows to one another only makes whatever you both shared before you were married, well, more official! 

The way I see it, your wedding sets the stage for your marriage.  And says a lot about how you both will be able to execute, manage and handle what life has in store for you long after your wedding day…  Preparing for your wedding is probably the very first and by far the most stressful situation the both of you will be faced with as a couple. There is an enormous amount of details to consider such as the guestlist, the venue, the flowers, the décor, the food & entertainment, etc… those are all important aspects of every wedding, that need to be taken care of,  and we all know, costs a considerable amount of money.  But really, how is that any different than a marriage?  Mortgage, groceries, utility bills, vehicle costs…  Just as stressful. Just as costly.

So if you both are already bumping heads and quibbling over what type of music should be played, or what type of wine  should be served... then how will you be able to support each other and even overcome other more serious dilemmas such as, ohhhhh let's say,  children? or a life-threatening illness...??

The important thing to try remember is, as special and wonderful as this day is to the both of you, in reality, it is just that - one day.  One day of many, many more special and wonderful days you will have together.  I've been to countless weddings, and you know what I remember?  … The parts that didn't cost a thing.  The emotional speech from the best man, the bride and groom sharing a kiss while no one is looking, the father & daughter dancing together with tears in their eyes… But if you were to ask me what type of shoes the bride wore, or what flavor the cake was... I honestly couldn't tell you.

Weddings are supposed to be a joyous occasion. Like Christmas!!  So enjoy every moment of it, not just on the wedding day, the preparation and journey towards that big day too…  make it fun and memorable for all involved.  Stop sweating over whether or not the napkins will match the groomsmen ties… Nobody will remember any of those details.  So why stress??

I’m no couple counselor, far from it in fact.  And I'm not saying my own marriage didn't come without it's own tribulations. But being happily married to the same man for over 20 years, I truly believe has definitely made me quite the marriage expert. Money comes and goes, but love is eternal. And we can both honestly say that everything that ever meant anything to us, cost us nothing at all.  Simple and humble words, but completely true. A wedding is just another word for “fancy party”. 

In the end, it’s your marriage, respect, and love for each other and everyone around you is all that really matters…

- Sharon Kawano

Mr & Mrs Ken & Sharon Kawano

Married August 14, 1993



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