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Table Napkins

Table Napkins

 Color Polyester Napkin

Rental Price $1.00  (17x17)

                                     White or Black Polyester Napkin                                   

Rental Price $.85  (17x17)

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Setup & Takedown Fees

Venue Viewing:

Viewing venue/hall $25


Delivery/Setup Fees:

50 Guests $100 (2-3 hrs min needed)

100 Guests $150 (3-4 hrs min needed)

150 Guests $200 (5-6 hrs min needed)

200 Guests $250 (6-7 hrs min needed)

250 Guests $300 (7-8 hrs min needed)


Pickup/Takedown Fees:

50 Guests $50

100 Guests $100

150 Guests $150

200 Guests $200

250 Guests $250



Our Setup & Takedown Services are for OUR DECOR & LINEN ONLY. We are not responsible for any cleaning, washing dishes, sweeping, mopping , opening or locking up of venues, banquets or halls.  We are not responsible for setting up or taking down dishware, cutlery, glassware, personal decor & linens or rental decor & linens provided by other vendors.  We are not responsible for setting up and placement of chairs, tables, candy buffets & food stations. We are not responsible  for placement of photos, stationary (programs, guest placecards, menus, etc). We are not responsible for collecting or returning any rental items provided from other vendors.